Nov 012016
In addition to selecting a new president this November, there are a lot of other races going on – like the race to fill all seven Orleans Parish School Board positions (OPSB).  OPSB is responsible for the overall policies within the school district, and for budget matters.  The PTO has invited all of the candidates to visit Audubon next Wednesday, November 2 to talk a little bit about their platform, and to answer questions. Note that we currently have candidates from District 4 (Leslie Ellison), District 5 (David Alvarez), and District 6 (Ben Kleban) committed to joining us, but there will likely be others as well.
The choices of the OPSB can have a profound impact on the educational environment at Audubon Charter School – we hope you can come and learn more about the candidates who are vying to make those choices.  We will make every effort to keep the forum to one hour. Please make plans to attend, as we would like to show the candidates how committed and active we are in the Audubon PTO.
When:  Wednesday, November 2, 5:30pm
Where:  Broadway Campus Cafeteria
Don’t know which school board district you’re in?  Click here:  We will post additional information on the race (including School Board District Maps) in the coming days.
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