Sep 152017

We still have some open crew positions. If you are interested in becoming part of the Fête
Crew, we need folks in the following areas:
Stage Manager – welcoming bands, managing the transitions throughout the day.
Construction – repair of games and any new fabrication.
Production Truck Driver – loading and return of EQ from Milan.
Donations Coordinator – making sure everything makes is where it needs to be.
Chicken Drop Wrangler – we already have the chickens, you just babysit them and sell tickets.
Contest Organizer – flyers, organizing and leading the charge on the day.

Generally speaking we need everyone to participate in the following:
Collect, clean and donate all your plushy toys for game prizes.
Collect, clean and donate all your Lacroix and soda cans for the can smash.

Volunteer opportunities will be announced and there will be a sign up sheet available very
soon for work shifts on the day of Fête as well as preparatory activities, like hanging
posters. Chloe Schwanz is leading the charge on volunteers. If anyone is associated with a
philanthropic or social group who could come and do some time at a booth, let us know. You
can contact Chloe at

Get in touch with your room parent and help build a beautiful gift basket for the perennially
popular gift basket raffle. You can organize by class or by grade. For more info contact our Gift
Basket Organizer Stephanie Adler at

For any other inquiries or ideas please contact Tracy Cameron at
or Scott Saltzman at

Fall Fête is the largest PTO fund raiser of the year. The proceeds directly support the programs
and teacher grants at Audubon Charter School, enhancing and expanding the academic
experience for all our Audubon Rarebirds.

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