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Rarebirds it’s time to start Clipping

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If you’re an old hand at clipping coupons you know what to do. For you newbies… check your cupboards, they are probably full of these little money makers! Cereal, soups, office supplies, ziplocks… they are everywhere! Clip away! Save them up in a ziplock and then bring them in to school and drop them in our Terracycle Box. We will count them up and send them in and turn them in to money for our school. For more information on these programs and lists of participating products go to :

and Collecting…

Ink jet & Toner cartridges

At this stage we are only collecting cartridges. However we are looking for someone to take over the Terracycling program and re-expand it, but we need help. Let us know if you can take charge of it and we will help you out! Tracy, our treasurer and fall fete leader has been doing this for many years and she is around to advise any new volunteers, but we need new leadership!

Tracy Keller and her rarebirds is counting the coupons and sending them out!. Ben Markus is dealing with the cartridges! And all the money goes directly to the school!

Please drop all your items in the PTO box in the offices! If you have any questions or want to help and