Oct 052017


It is that time of year – time to elect our Parent-Teacher Organization leadership! Some of the current leaders have served their terms and we need new leaders to join the team to keep the momentum going. Following are the positions that are up for election this month:                                                           


The President-Elect serves from January 1st – June 30th, at which point this person takes over in the position of President for the subsequent school year. The President presides over all meetings of the PTO Board and General Membership. The President coordinates and assists in the work of all board members and committees and serves as the liaison between the school faculty, the administration, the FAME Board and the PTO. The President is responsible for setting the annual calendar and work plan for the PTO, in conjunction with other board members and committee chairs, and for working with each board member and committee to achieve the work set forth on schedule and on budget. The President is required to attend all FAME board meetings or send a proxy from the PTO board.

Fundraising Co-Chair

The Fundraising Co-chair works closely with his/her counterpart to oversee all fundraising activity, including recruiting and activating committees for all PTO fundraising activities. The Co-chair works closely with PTO Board, PTO Fundraising Sub-committees, Audubon Administration (particularly Audubon Development Director Lynn Spearman), as well as with the FAME Development Committee on all school fundraising and institutional advancement efforts.

Communications Co-Chair

The Communications Co-Chair shall recruit and oversee committees for all PTO communications, including the PTO website, email listserv, newsletter, social media accounts and fliers and liaise with the school to disseminate other important information.

Montessori FAME Board Rep: The Montessori FAME Board Rep represents Montessori parents and teachers to the FAME board and serves as liaison between the PTO and the FAME Board. The Montessori Rep attends all PTO and FAME Board Meetings and serves as a full voting member of the FAME board.

French FAME Board Rep: The French FAME Board Rep represents French parents and teachers to the FAME board and serves as liaison between the PTO and the FAME Board. The French Rep attends all PTO and FAME Board Meetings and serves as a full voting member of the FAME board.          

 All nominations should be emailed to by 5 pm on Friday, October 27, 2017. Self nominations are allowed. Nomination emails should include a brief bio indicating the nominee’s background and qualifications for the position. The nominations committee will work with the school to publish the slate of candidates on October 30th and facilitate the development of the ballot and vote. The election will take place at the PTO general meeting on November 15th at 5:30 pm in the cafeteria of the Broadway campus.

Please nominate someone for the PTO Board today and come to the November 15th meeting to see who is elected and to sign up to join a committee. We’re excited to work together to build a great school!

Thanks for your participation in this process!


The Friends of Audubon Parent Teacher Organization is a 501c3 organization with a mission to to provide support through fundraising and other volunteer efforts for the improvement and enhancement of Audubon Charter School, including enhancing support to faculty and staff, grant writing, communications, curricular and extracurricular programs, maintenance of the facility, parent services, school spirit and other related activities.

The Friends of Audubon PTO meets on average 10 times throughout the calendar year, with approximately ½ of these meetings being regular board meetings, with only board members participating, and the other ½ being general meetings, inviting the entire parent/teacher community to participate. In addition to this, board members must serve on at least one committee and conduct committee work outside of the regular board, and PTO general, meetings. Attendance at meetings and participation in the committee work is required of all FOAPTO board members. In addition Montessori and French FAME Board Reps are also required to attend all FAME Board meetings – approximately 10.