FAME Board Term Limits Meeting Saturday 12/17 at 10AM

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Dec 162016

The FAME board will be meeting this Saturday at 10:00 AM.  We encourage parents and faculty to come to the meeting.

On the agenda is a vote to get rid of term limits for FAME board members.
What you need to know about term limits and the FAME board:
Board members are appointed for up to 6 year terms, with revolving start and end years.  This allows the board to always have a mixture of board members who have been there for a number of years with board members who have just begun their term.
Term limits were first introduced for FAME board members only 2 years ago, as part of a comprehensive restructuring of the FAME board and rewriting of the By-laws.  The governance committee of the FAME board put a great deal of research and work into rewriting the by-laws, and their research was based on best practices in the world of boards today.
Some members of the FAME board are pushing to revoke those term limits for board members.
As it stands now, the board is self-electing, and without term limits, the only way to remove a board member would be for them to voluntarily quite or have 2/3 of the board vote them off.
Please come out to the meeting this Saturday, Dec.17 at 10am Milan campus.