Apr 112016

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Audubon Charter School sent 16 students to the tournament at Tulane on Saturday, 9 April.

Of 12 participating schools, Audubon won fifth place.
Our six teams won 17 of their 31 rounds.

Of 32 participating teams, Audubon had three in the top 20.
14th Colette A, Lillian C, Michael Z
7th Kirsten J, Nyela J, Jaylon L
3rd  Anisha M, Haydn P, Emma P

Of 92 speakers, Audubon had three in the top 10.
7th Haydn P
6th Anisha M
4th Emma P

Because the top two teams were from the same school, the third place team competed in the championship round against the first place team.  And they won!  Congratulations to Anisha, Haydn, and Emma on winning first place in the Regional Championship tournament!

There will be three more Regional Championship Tournaments in other parts of the country.  Our champions will be notified of the date and location of the National Finals.

We wish to thank all our wonderful, supportive debate parents.  We also wish to give special thanks to Mr. Justin Zitler for his help in preparing our students for this special tournament.