Happy Summer Vacation!

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May 222015

The Friends of Audubon Charter PTO would like to wish you a wonderful summer vacation.  We are looking forward to seeing you again at our newly renovated Broadway campus and Uptown at Milan.

Ms. Monique Butler’s class was invited to participate in Law Day 2015

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May 212015


by Ms. Monique Butler

We were given a presentation by a United States Marshal about the role of the marshals in federal law enforcement. (We even had an opportunity to try on his vest and don the shield.)

Walter Leger, Jr., President of the Louisiana Bar Association talked to us about the importance of upholding the sanctity of the law and the evolution of the legal process.

Ross Molina, president of the Young Lawyers Association, greeted us and discussed the Magna Carta.

We made our presentations, participated in a mock trial, and each student was invited to don Judge Zainey’s robe and sit on the bench.

We ended with lunch at the law firm of Krebs, Farley & Pelleteri, P.L.L.C.

The adult participants were impressed with our manner of dress, our behavior, and our level of knowledge and creativity.

School Supply Humor

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May 202015


Facebook Reality:

Started the day with a 12 mile run at a 7:45 pace with my very obedient purebred mutt– whew I sure felt refreshed! And, because I have the BEST hubby ever, there was a fresh-fruit-protein-blast smoothie made from strawberries he grew in our indoor hydroponic garden waiting for me when I walked in the door! (I LOVE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH!) I can’t wait to share my really unique ideas for boosting sales on my conference call this morning, too. I love working with such a spirited and supportive group of professionals that allow me to help coach them and build us all up together! Looking forward to a great afternoon with my sweet, ultra-respectful, super-smart, overachieving girls… they were trying to secretly conspire to hand-craft what will surely be the best Mother’s Day gift ever – aren’t they thoughtful? I’m sure it will be awesome, because they are the most creative children I have EVER met. Hopefully they won’t be too tired after their music lessons, team practices, and extra (advanced) math homework that they soak in like sponges. But, Jon will boost their energy with lots of green, leafy veggies from the hydroponic garden and free-range, grass-fed beef that we co-op with some families from Peru. I couldn’t be happier that I can spend time reading Tolstoy to the girls later because I already bought my school supplies from www.1stdayschoolsupplies.com! Life is so good!


Reality Reality:

Curse the alarm… can there please be an extra 4 hours allowed for sleep every day? Seriously – you need how many cupcakes for WHAT party today? Geez!! No, girls, I don’t have any bagels … I forgot to put them in the freezer and now they have fuzzy green spots on them – just eat your cereal. PLEASE hurry… the bell is ringing in 37 seconds!!! Crap – conference call in minutes and I totally forgot to prep my territory review. Well, I’ll make something up – my team gets it. OK, Mother’s Day is days away and mother-in-law is coming for the weekend. Home-made cards from the girls will have to do. She’ll be touched. And cake from Giant Eagle. Perfect. Unsure about dinner – 2 kids, 2 practices, 2 different places. I’m thinking… BIBIBOP! Eye on the prize – checked the pantry and [YES!] there’s wine for later tonight. Well, 2 high points – I won’t be asked to read Tolstoy at bedtime and I can enjoy my wine later because I already bought my school supplies from www.1stdayschoolsupplies.com! Life is so good!


Your reality will only get better if you go on line and order your school supplies BEFORE JUNE 30TH!!! Have a great weekend!

2015 PTO Election Results

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May 202015

Election Results2PTO elections were held on May 7th, 2015 and we are excited to announce that we have a president.  Mandy Lilly graciously accepted the nomination and post as PTO president.  We welcomed Adrienne Shulman as fundraising co-chair.  Our fearless treasurer, Tracy Keller, will stay with us for another year as will Nicole Dicks as French Vice President.  Kelly Leahy and Georgi Kritkos remain communication co-chairs and Bethany Rosch has signed up as teacher rep from the Montessori side for another year.

We still have positions open including Montessori Vice President, Secretary, Fundraising Co-Chair, Grant Writer, and French Teacher Representative.  It is not too late to join the fun!  If you are interested in taking an active role in the Audubon community, please contact Mandy at president@audubonpto.org.

All members present at the PTO meeting voted to accept a new proposed budget that will focus PTO fundraising on Fall Fete and limit expenditures to supporting activities that benefit the bulk of the student body.  Going forward, there will be no funds available for school clubs or groups.  School clubs and groups are encouraged to adopt fundraisers that the PTO board has conducted in the past such as school supplies, Square Art, Innisbrook, and Equal Exchange.  To find out more about fundraising for your school club, contact Mandy at president@audubonpto.org.

Thank you to everyone who was present and for those who have committed to a post for the 2015-2016 school year.


Gold Star Volunteers

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May 192015


A hearty thanks to all of the parents, grandparents, and friends who stepped up this year to complete the 25-volunteer-hour requirement. Every family is busy with activities outside of Audubon Charter School and we acknowledge the commitment of the following parents for taking an active role in the Audubon community.

Adrienne Shulman
Allen Basik
Amanda Raymond
Amane Hamdan
Andrea & Remy Wilkes
Andrea Callia
Andrea Shaw
Anne Riley
Ben Markus
Bridget Himel
Carla Civil
Catherine Kelleher
Chantell Claire
Charlie Mendy
Christina Kim
Corey & Kristy Falterman
Corinne Gibb
Coti Sterling-Gayles
Derika Nisse
Donishia Dorsey
Elizabeth & Libby Bollino
Emily Flager
Frances Davis
Georgi Kritikos
Gloria Bingmon
Heather Porter
Isaac Friedman & Annmarie Roberts
Jeff & Dianne Chastant
Jennifer Mosley
Jenny James
Jenny&John Creevy
Jeremy Love
Jilla Tombar
John Parker
Jon & Alexis Duque
Judy Stone-Collins
Juwanda Ford Williams
Kara Borasch
Karen Brady
Karine LeGuinio
Kaya Marsalis
Kellie Barnes
Kelly & Greg Thompson
Kendra Williams
Kim Alvarez
Kim Navarro
Kim Witherspoon
Kylia Riley Hester
Leah Badger
Lesley St. Germain
Linda Baynham
Lisa&Brian Benefield
Lolita Burell
Lydia Pollard
Madelaine and RyanTesh
Mandy Manual Lilly
Melissa Lee Smith
Nicole Chandler
Nicole Chauvin
Nicole Dicks
Patrick Tucker
Rachel Watts
Rene Porcher Guzman
Scott Saltzman
Shann Butler-Scott
Stephanie & Frank Douglass-Breerwood
Stephanie Adler
Stephanie Breerwood
Stephanie Silverman
Stuart Lob
Tiffanni Beckham
Toni Thompson
Tracy Keller Cameron
Triscleyn McDonald
Udine Jost-Zengel

School Supplies are on Sale until June 30!

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May 142015

Today’s Picnic CANCELLED due to inclement weather.

Join us for the May 15th End-of-Year Picnic!  

Families can buy their school supplies for next year online at http://www.1stdayschoolsupplies.com. Your supplies will all be delivered to your child’s classroom by the first day of school!   All orders must be placedby June 30.  You may click on the link to the right to place your order.  The lower school zip code is 70122, and the upper school zip code is 70115.

We hope to see all of you at the Fly on Friday for the end-of-the-year picnic! Come and hang out with your friends before we all leave for the summer!

Order School Supplies

End-of-Year Picnic

ACS Olympic Games 2015

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May 112015


Audubon Charter School Olympic Games will take place on May 18th and 19th at the lower school.

  •  Monday May 18th , will feature: Claudine/Caroline, Julie, Loic, Fanny, Celine, Leigh, Mary, Chelsea and Faye
  • Tuesday May 19th, will feature: Claire, Mehdi, Emmanuelle, Karine, Florian, Rona, Melanie, Beth, Betty and Jennifer.
  • Opening Ceremonies will begin each day at 9:30 at Pratt Park.
  • The Olympics will consist of 10 events so volunteers are needed to help run the stations. Please email Coach Stacy if you can help on one or both days, stacy_cantrell@auduboncharter.com
  • Students should come to school prepared with a couple of water bottles, bag lunch, hat, tennis shoes, shorts & Audubon T-shirt.
  • Snowballs will also be available for $3 at Pratt Park from 11am to 1.
  • Closing ceremonies will begin each day at 3:15 on the big playground at the school.